Proprietary connectors and the future of technology

What if we had standardized charging across all cars? I guess it is asking too much when even our phones do not have a standard charging but I can still dream. I for one, believe that Tesla should lead the pack as far as open, standardized charging and open up its charging stations to its competitors. Let's do this for a better tomorrow, Tesla!

Whose estimates?

John Gruber puts it best when he writes "Whose estimates?" Bloomberg’s headline: “Apple iPhone 5 Misses Estimates as 5 Million Units Sold”
It is pretty ridiculous to say five million phones that were sold and shipped and delivered that are in customers’ hands and wait for the kicker, in just one weekend somehow misses anyone's estimates. Maybe I ought to get into this analysts' game as well.
The US has vowed to reach the moon in the next nine years. I estimate that within the next nine years, USA will reach Mars and solve world hunger. [Nine years later in 1969] See that? They landed on the moon but they missed my estimate of reaching Mars and solving world hunger. What losers, amiriteguys?