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The following is an email from Friends of Sherrod Brown: 

"When it comes to voters' knowledge about the deep-pocketed donors who are trying to influence their vote, the 2014 election cycle is on track to be the darkest election in recent history. And that's saying a lot, as each of the last three elections has shattered dark money records set in the preceding cycle." -- Robert Maguire, OpenSecrets.org, 4/30/14

Dear [redacted],

"Dark money" refers to funds spent on elections and provided by people who remain anonymous thanks to a loophole in the tax code. In the 2012 cycle, we saw $265 million in "dark money" -- and thanks to the Koch brothers and Karl Rove, we're likely to see much more than that this time around.

Yes, the majority of all this dark money is directed by three people -- Charles and David Koch, and Karl Rove. Seriously, when you read about this stuff, you almost can't believe that just three people wield such incredible influence over our politics.

But Rove and the Kochs do wield that outsized influence, and it's up to us to fight back. Please chip in $5 or more to help his stay strong against outside spending.


All those political ads airing around the country? The vast majority of them aren't coming from campaigns, but rather from outside groups.

According to the Wesleyan Media Project, a group that tracks political ads, "The 2014 campaigns are currently dominated by interest group advertising. And the bulk of the interest group money is coming from dark money groups who don't disclose their donors."

Grassroots campaigns like ours need to fight back against dark money -- give $5, $10, or whatever makes sense for you.


Thank you.


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